The Party committee of the College:
Gong min Party committee secretary
Contact: phone: 02885410772; 13980607595

Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Liao Yongming and the Secretary of the Commission for Discipline
Contact: phone: 02885418569; 13666126513

Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Zhang Bo
Contact: phone: 02885418569; 15902831166

College Administration:
Honorary Dean of Ding Zhaozhong (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States)

President Zhang Hong
Fully responsible for the administrative work of the college in charge of scientific research, postgraduate and Finance
Contact: phone: 02885410238; 13980628162

Vice President  Zhu Jianhua
Division of undergraduate teaching in Colleges and Universities
Contact: phone: 02885418565; 18980076575

Vice President Xiang gang

Division of laboratory management and laboratory safety
Contact: phone: 02885418566; 18628022012

Vice President Li Zhiqiang
In charge of the school of international cooperation, the introduction of talent and management
Contact: phone: 02885418565; 13709046656

Executive vice president of Yang Zhaowen nuclear College
Responsible for the scientific research and teaching of the nuclear College
Contact: phone: 02885470013; 13668140931

Vice President Liu Ning
Work in charge of the work of the nuclear school
Contact: phone: 02885416858; 13808203816