Key Laboratory of Radiation Ph


Key Laboratory of Radiation Physics and Technology, Ministry of Education 

The key laboratory  was established in 1993, and opened for natioanl and international  scholar. It has become an important research, development and education  base in this field in China. colleghas become an important research,  development and education base in this field in China.

The laboratory  's research works include radiation physics and medical physics;  interaction between the particles and matters and application in  material modification; nuclear monitor and control technology; isotope  application and radiation biotechnology Some of its research  achievements have been recognized internationally.

The laboratory  has also built a large-sized high-resolution and multi-purpose atomic  collision system, helping China become one of the leading countries in  the research of clusters and its interaction with materials, which  requires highly advanced levels of accelerators, targets and detectors.

In addition, the laboratory  has made achievements in the research of the quality control system in  cement production, medical imaging systems, nuclear monitoring and  automation technologies, and the modernization of traditional Chinese  medical sciences.

The laboratory  has many large-sized equipment and devices, including the cyclotron,  electrostatic accelerator, ion-electron accelerator and ion implanter,  offering a solid material basis for its research and development.

It  has now set up co-operative relations with famous domestic and foreign  research institutes, and especially welcomes scholars at both home and  abroad.