The institute, founded in 1980, has become an important research, development and education base in this field in China. The  number and variety of low energy accelerators and experimental  terminals are No. 1 among institutes in the universities. It’s the key  laboratory for radiation physics and technology of Education Ministry,  branch of virtual research center of nuclear science and technology of Education Ministry.  It has special professor position of Changjiang scholarship. The major  researches in fundamental and applied areas are radiation physics and  medical physics, atomic, molecular collision and cluster physics,  isotope and radiation biological technology, material surface  modification by particle beams, radiation processing of polymer, nuclear  monitor and control technology, nuclear data measurement and  evaluation,. In the meantime, the institute is responsible for the  training of Ph. D. and master students in these fields; has achieved  quite a lot of influencing research results, established wide  cooperative relations domestically and internationally. For example, the  institute is doing research and development in three-dimension  treatment planning system in radiation therapy, medical and industrial  radioactive isotope production, Chinese herbal pharmacology research  using isotope technology, X-ray analysis technology, autocontrol system  based on computer technology, preparation of supper hard materials,  polymer material radiation processing.