Physics: offer  a solid foundation in mathematics, good basic theory, methods and  experimental technology in modern physics and basic knowledge in  specific subjects; the technology of electronics and computer technique  in physics.

Applied Physics: the  objective is to train the student to have solid physics knowledge and  experimental technique; possess physical engineering ideas and high  engineering quality, have strong ability to analyze and solve problems,  could use electronics, computer, biophysics technology.

Microelectronics: the  objective is train students to have a solid knowledge in physics and  mathematics, good quality in microelectronics basic knowledge, method  and experiment technique, be able to use the learned basic theory, large  scale integrated circuit and other new semiconductor material theories,  design method and manufacture technology.

Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology: train  students in nuclear research and design, nuclear industry and  engineering, electronics industry, material industry, environment  protection, standard measure, quality test and techniques applied to  agriculture, medicine and health.

Nuclear Physics:  the objective is train students to have a solid knowledge in  mathematics and nuclear physics, be able to use the learned basic theory  and experimental technology to analyze and solve problems nuclear  industry and engineering, and other area.

     Each  year, the qualified students can be recommended to cooperative  universities and colleges for further studies for all the above subjects  and about 30% of the students pass the examination to or recommend to  graduate study.