Research Areas

Theoretical Physics:

The research subjects: elementary particle physics; nonlinear physics; field theory and particle physics.

The mian courses:  advanced quantum mechanics, modern mathematics method for physics,  quantum field theory, group theory, elementary particle theory, chaos  theory and quantum statistics.

Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics:

The research subjects: nuclear technology and its application; nuclear information processing.

The mian courses: advanced  quantum mechanics, particle and nuclear physics, advanced nuclear  physics experiment, nuclear information processing, applied nuclear  physics.

Atomic and Molecular Physics:

The research subjects:  atomic  and molecular collision, atomic and cluster structure and spectrum,  molecular structure and spectrum, atomic, molecular status and change  under static high pressure and dynamic high pressure, atomic, molecular  design and synthetic of material, light and atom, molecule interaction,  structure and function of large bio-molecule.

The mian courses:  atomic and molecular collision, solid-state physics, numerical methods  of atomic and molecular collision, modern numerical method, and atomic  spectrum theory.

Plasma Physics:

The research subjects

The mian courses:


Condensed Matter Physics:

The research subjects: semiconductor materials and devices; thin-film material and technology.

The mian courses:  advanced solid-state physics, group theory, modern physics analysis  technology, semiconductor materials and devices, semiconductor  super-lattice.


The research subjects: optical-electronics signal processing, laser physics and technology; and light scattering.

The mian courses:  optics-electronics, information optics, nonlinear optics, light  scattering, digital image processing, semiconductor laser, and  solid-state laser engineering.

Physics in Biology and Medicine:

The research subjects

The mian courses:


Applied Electronic Physics:

The research subjects

The mian courses:


Radiotherapy Physics:

The research subjects

The mian courses:


Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials:

The research subjects:  interaction between the nuclides and matters, nuclear and  radiochemistry, treatment of nuclear wastes and environmental  protection, surface physics and chemistry of light actinide elements.

The mian courses:  nuclear  and radiochemistry, radiation dose and protection, base of nuclear fuel  cycle and Materials, base of nuclear environment, radiosiotopes and  their applcation.

Nuclear Technology and Application:

The research subjects: radiation physics and medical physics; measuring and control technology and its application; radiation effect in solid.

The mian courses:  nuclear  technology physics, nuclear technology and modern analysis method,  nuclear technology experiment method, advanced solid-state physics,  particle transport theory, material modification technology, computer  information processing.

Radiation and Environmental Protection:

The research subjects: radiation physics and radiation and environmental protection,  applied chemistry in environment.

The mian courses:  radiation physics,  nuclear and radiochemistry, radiation dose and protection, base of  nuclear environment, analytical chemistry in environment, base of  nuclear environment radiosiotopes and their applcation.

Microelectronics and Solid-state Electronics:

The research subjects: microelectronics material and devices, microelectronics optics and IC design.

The mian courses:  the  ULSI design, integrated circuit technology, semiconductor devices  simulating, advanced IC processing and semiconductor optics electronics.